About Us

We are dedicated to bring a unique timepiece experience for watch collectors of all kinds by bringing durable timepieces by crafting with creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and imagination




Steven Gagnon is the owner of a small and traditional timepiece business that started in 2020.  His passion for watches began at a young age when he was gifted his first watch.  This gift sparked his interest in timepieces and from there, his passion grew.  It did not matter the cost or brand; Steven would admire the design and build of the watches to add to his collection.  With that passion, Gagnon focused on bringing a new era of Classic Timepieces.

​Due to the superior craftsmanship and materials used for Eques, which can be rarely seen in the market.  The new era timepiece can last not just for years but decades.

We use original and high-quality brass, steel, and leather in the industry, and the help, of our new master craftsmanship, makes our timepiece a stand-alone collection.  We promise that our products are the RAREST in the WORLD.





Eques Timepieces vision is to reshape the traditional idea of what a watch company could be. Our core philosophy is inspired by classic timepieces, our team is set to break the mold of contemporary and traditional timepiece design. The result is that an Eques brand is captivating the industry with innovative and breathtaking designs. The unique timepiece is masterfully crafted from only the highest quality brass, steel, and leather on the market. The remarkable attention to detail and unquestionable craftsmanship makes EQUES TIMEPIECE a stand-alone collection.

Our watches are essential for everyday use that go with you wherever you go, whatever you wear; the quality looks better with age. Our product will tell a story of untouched and wild nature. 





Eques is the Latin word for Knight.  I've always felt timepieces are an extension of myself, in the same way, a sword is an extension of a knight.  A knight never goes anywhere without his sword, and I will never be found without a watch.  For those who know me, I have been fond of Batman since childhood, especially the Nightwing character, who is an extension of Batman.

The values of both a knight and Nightwing represent the honor, bravery, and honesty which are also values that are aligned with Eques Timepieces.

The logo is rooted with symbolism as the main section combines the Nightwing logo with a phoenix's head and tail to embody luck, harmony, peace, balance, and prosperity, while the watch hands incorporate ebbs and flow of movement in time.